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That morning

So we set off for the orphanage of Sovannaphum – Jacqueline, Anne, Sotikun, and our dear Dominique – yes … a little masculine energy was required in this small group of osteopaths. Once the girls had been raised into the “cattle truck” as we called it, or “children’s bus” in Asia, we drove for a few kilometres away from Battambang …the vegetation got thicker, luxuriant with a soothing deep green, already preparing us for a magnificent day to come.
At a turn in the path, an immense house held sway in the middle of a splendid park, where the children, who had been given the day off for the occasion, were waiting for us. After a brief moment of surprise, the children, who thought they would be with the same team of osteopaths as the previous year, were delighted to accompany us to our welcoming treatment room, with pretty, bright fabrics placed on the treatment tables.
Each one of us settled in, opposite this immense park that radiated plenitude, where standing right in the middle, was the majestic “tree of life”.
And right there, another world opened up to us, another time frame too; a world where space had no limits, switching to another dimension….that of the heart…the immense heart of Sopheam  the manageress and founder of this orphanage, the hearts of the “mums” attentive to the children, and the immense hearts of the children respecting and helping each other, playing all the time cooperatively – an atmosphere of peace, serenity and love radiated from this place.
Suddenly, heavy rain began to fall, not light rain like back home, but real hot, tropical rain, so we headed for the shelter of the covered courtyard used as a treatment room, surrounded by this rain so powerful that we all formed a true “silk cocoon” filled with light.
Our hands met through the fabrics, our bodies relaxed, expanding and freed from inhibition. The children present all around us reinforced this sensation, and our hearts melded, intermingled, leaving a strand of silk filled with light, peace and joy. The rain couldn’t get to us, but on the contrary, strengthened this outpouring of care; it might last an hour, a day, a year, a lifetime – we would still be there, joined by this energy of Life, Heart, Love.