Support US

docOSTEOcam is an association recognized as being of general interest and humanitarian in nature.

This implies that a donation will be tax-free up to 66% of its amount.

For example: you give 100€ and it actually only costs you 34€.

So depending on your possibilities and how you want to participate in our project, your help can take different forms.

Become an active member

We have set up a donation form on the website Helloasso.

It is possible to make your donation monthly using automatic transfers of small amounts (5, 10, 15€ for example). To do this, we will send you our RIB on request.

Relay our information

Feel free to talk about us with your friends and acquaintances.

We regularly publish a newsletter with a registration form at the bottom of the page.

And during our missions in Cambodia we regularly feed our Facebook page.

Participate in field actions

To become a full member, an active member must:

  • Be a graduate in Osteopathy and have experience in pediatric treatments
  • Apply for a job
  • Fulfill a mission, supervised by a member of the Board of Directors
  • Know that this mission is totally voluntary and does not give rise to any expenses
  • Report on this mission
  • Be approved by the Board of Directors

If you are interested you can contact the Board of Directors through our contact form.

Become a financial partner

By sponsoring our actions in Cambodia, you will promote the values defended by your company.
Your image will be that of a responsible and generous establishment.

For any form of participation, you can contact the Board of Directors through our contact form.

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