Support US

docOSTEOcam is a charity.

A donation made by tax-payers in France can be tax-free up to 66% (for example you give 100 euros and it actually costs you only 34 euros). Please consult the tax authorities in your country to see whether it is possible to apply for tax reduction on a donation made to a French charity.

So depending on your possibilities and how you want to participate in our project, your help can take different forms.

Become an active member

We have set up a donation form on the website Helloasso.

It is possible to make your donation monthly using automatic transfers of small amounts (5, 10, 15€ for example). To do this, we will send you our banking details on request.

Relay our information

Feel free to talk about us with your friends and acquaintances.

We regularly publish a newsletter with a registration form at the bottom of the page.

And during our missions in Cambodia we regularly update our Facebook page.

Participate in field actions

To become a full member, an active member must:

  • Be a graduate in osteopathy and have experience in pediatric treatments
  • Apply to participate in a mission
  • Fulfill a mission, supervised by a member of the Board of Directors
  • Accept that this mission is totally voluntary and does not give rise to any expenses
  • Report on this mission
  • Be approved by the Board of Directors

If you are interested you can contact the Board of Directors through our contact form.

Become a financial partner

By sponsoring our actions in Cambodia, you will promote the values defended by your company.
Your image will be that of a responsible and generous establishment.

For any form of participation, you can contact the Board of Directors through our contact form.