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End of assignment in Cambodia – Nov. 2019

It’s difficult to find the right words to tell, to explain all I saw, smelt, learnt, heard, felt and experienced there…
I have just come back from an incredible human and professional adventure about which I could write so many lines about the children, about the magical healing sessions I experienced – alone or in a group, about such an exceptional team with people so generous, so competent and enthralling that I would like to keep them all close to me and introduce them to you one by one.
I was particularly admiring of the commitment and work of those in charge of Docosteocam, but also of the Cambodian people in charge of the orphanages, associations and centres where we went… They are wonderful people who make it possible to understand the true meaning of the word “generosity”.
I could also say that emotionally it wasn’t always easy: being confronted with the misery, suffering, sadness, anger and pain of these young children and teenagers is scarring, raging and disturbing. The injustice of this world is violent but above all very real.

But there is also a message of hope and love underlying this experience.
The laughing eyes, smiles, laughter, falling asleep after care, affection and games of these children are one of the most beautiful things I have ever been graced to see and filled my heart with love and warmth.

So I think that from all this experience, the word that comes to mind is: hope.
Hope for these children to come through, to receive care, to be educated, to find a home, a family, a job, love and joy.
The hope to continue to have centres to welcome them and adults to protect, care for, accompany and above all love them.

As I return today, I am deeply convinced that with love, altruism and solidarity we can make this world a better place.
That with commitment, convictions and generosity we can make a difference and above all help each other.

Cambodia taught me to focus on my collective memory, where we all live together on this same planet, that our differences are beautiful and teach us how much good there is in each one of us, that we are all human and that we just seek to live our lives, each in our own way.

Let us not neglect the strength of a smile or an outstretched hand. We can all do something in our own way to help our neighbour, in France or elsewhere, and whatever fight we choose, it will be worth it.

As for me, I hope that I have helped these children to breathe better, to move better, to express themselves better or to find points of support, fulcrums to grow, evolve and progress along their life path. I will have learned that by giving ourselves, we give others the possibility to be themselves completely.

Let us roll up our sleeves to make this world a more peaceful place for all.

Thank you Patrick, Agnès, Jacqueline, Xavier, Denis, Sylvie, Mireille, Florence, Dominique, Louis Pascal, Amelie, Bruno, Delphine and Olivier but also Danith, Natacha, Charles and Nicole for this adventure that will forever leave its mark on my body, soul and spirit.