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by becoming a donor member or by joining our team of field-based osteopaths

an ever-changing osteopathic project

The story began with a meeting of volunteers in 2005. Their action, by providing osteopathic treatments, has made it possible to treat the suffering of orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The progression of care has been constant since 2008 with two sessions of care and about 3000 treatments each year. Three volunteers created this NGO. There are now more than 40 of them.

“They give their hands and time for the care of children who are victims of birth defects, whether physical, psychological or social. Osteopathic treatments free them from adverse childhood experiences and give them joy and happiness. I am happy to give my time and energy to this project with teams of volunteers totally in the spirit of the NGO initiated by its Founders. The future that lies ahead is that of the transmission of our osteopathic know-how. The teaching sessions have begun and are preparing the Khmer trainers of tomorrow, while this new health profession is being created in Cambodia.”

(Patrick Jouhaud, Chairman)

Several thousand treatments, 40 volunteer osteopaths

These treatments and field actions are supported by: GETM&ASETHEMA, the association Enfance Arc en Ciel, Rotary clubs, “granulés du Limousin”, Audéfi chartered accountants. Docosteocam is the Osteopath of Phare Ponleu Selpak and PhareCircus.

Doing for others is good, but teaching them how to do it themselves is better

Our project today is to transmit our osteopathic knowledge and know-how. Dr. Sin Sotikun is the first O.C. in Cambodia. We are opening a consultation clinic in Phnom Penh. Teaching takes place at Calmette Hospital for health professionals, as well as at the University of Health Sciences


article published on 23/03/2020

Moments that mark your life How can we accurately describe what we feel, those moments, those encounters, which leave an everlasting imprint in our heart and our mind? How can we explain the emotion that overcomes you with each placing of the hand, each treatment, each smile? Those smiles that can hide so much distress, but smiles that restore faith ...

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Double Comeback

article published on 06/12/2019

My second mission with DocOSTEOcam: back to Cambodia two years after a first epic journey that had helped me grow; that of a purely manual osteopathic journey, without words, beyond privileged Europe. Discoveries of new wonderful companions in this marvellous travelling troupe; new places for care, and a return to places I had already experienced. Evidence of this was immediately ...

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Testimony – November 2019

article published on 28/11/2019

I have come home with a touch of nostalgia but above all with my heart filled with warmth and radiating happiness. I embrace all these beautiful sensations and emotions felt during this journey and pray that they will be indelible, continuing to spread this love, this sharing, this joy, this benevolence and this beauty. It was bigger and stronger than ...

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End of assignment in Cambodia – Nov. 2019

article published on 27/11/2019

It’s difficult to find the right words to tell, to explain all I saw, smelt, learnt, heard, felt and experienced there… I have just come back from an incredible human and professional adventure about which I could write so many lines about the children, about the magical healing sessions I experienced – alone or in a group, about such an ...

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That morning

article published on 15/12/2017

So we set off for the orphanage of Sovannaphum – Jacqueline, Anne, Sotikun, and our dear Dominique – yes … a little masculine energy was required in this small group of osteopaths. Once the girls had been raised into the “cattle truck” as we called it, or “children’s bus” in Asia, we drove for a few kilometres away from Battambang ...

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One journey leads to others

article published on 10/12/2017

MISSION IMPRESSIONS NOVEMBER 2017 Under the aircraft wing we could see the muddy diversions of a river, and a flooded plain. I was dazzled by the water everywhere! An immense lake at the centre of the country, which either emptied into the Mekong, or was filled during the monsoon by an inversion streaming in from a stretch flowing back from ...

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One journey leads to others
Double Comeback

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