The members of docOSTEOcam are all volunteers. They love their job, which has become a passion, and give their time and expertise during field-based actions.

Delphine Alessandrini

Osteopath-physiotherapist, Isère

Dr Pilar Arango-Goossens

Osteopathic Doctor

Florence Bastide

Osteopath, Aveyron

Amandine Blouin

Osteopath-physiotherapist, Maine et Loire

Jacqueline Bodrero-Raffalli

Osteopath-physiotherapist, Gironde

Alain Bost

Osteopath DO, Gironde

Simon Burtin

Portrait  Olivier Cazenave
Educational director

Olivier Cazenave


Anouck Cordonnier

Osteopath, Hauts-de-France

Dr Sylvie Cuny

Osteopathic Doctor, Puy-de-Dôme

Guillaume Darengosse

Osteopath DO, Alpes-Maritimes

Kevin Denhard


Thierry Despagnet

Osteopath, Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Florent Devenyns

Osteopathic Doctor, Gironde

Dy Sovannara

Doctor of Medicine

Dr Dominique Eidesheim

Osteopathic Doctor, Moselle

Charlotte Ferré

Osteopath, Loire-Atlantique

Anaï Gastineau

Osteopath, Ille-et-Vilaine

Marieva Gruffat


Pascal Hans

Osteopath, Quebec

Camille Houssais

Osteopath DO, Savoie

Mireille Hutter

Nurse / Osteopath, Aude

Amir Jahangard

Osteopath-physiotherapist, Gironde
Portrait Dr Patrick Jouhaud

Dr Patrick Jouhaud

Osteopathic Doctor, Haute-Vienne

Annett Kennedy Jahangard

Pediatrician, Gironde

Anna Kervarec

Midwife Osteopath, Charente-Maritime

Laura Kokel

Osteopath, Alpes-Maritimes

Stéphanie Laborde

Osteopath DO, Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Dominique Laricq

Osteopath, Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Renaud Leclerc

Osteopath, Finistère

Raymond Lopez

Osteopath DO, Cher

Ngoun Sopheap

Midwife, Phnom Penh

Catherine Paule

Osteopath, Lyon area

Xavier Pietri

Osteopath, Alpes-Maritimes

Dr Marc Porteron

Osteopathic Doctor

Xavier Raffalli

Osteopath-physiotherapist, Gironde
Portrait Dr Bruno Roudel

Dr Bruno Roudel

Osteopathic Doctor , Puy-de-Dôme

Viviane Saigne

Osteopath Midwife, Haute-Vienne

Dr Sandra Sartori

Osteopathic Doctor, La Réunion

Siem Danit

Executive Assistant Manager

Dr Sin Sotikun

Osteopathic Doctor, Phnom Penh

Inès Souames

Osteopath, Nord

Amélie Tournès

Osteopath DO

Dr Louis-Pascal Trompette

Osteopathic Doctor
Portrait Dr Agnès Van Acker

Dr Agnès Van Acker

Osteopathic Doctor, Gironde

Stéphanie Willefert

Osteopath, Nord