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When emotion takes hold of us

One of the treatment sessions that marked me the most during this stay was in Battambang, at the “Enfant d’Asie” (Children of Asia) centre, on virtually the last day. I must confess that by this time we had already given a lot of difficult treatment and I was starting to tire a little.

This young lad had been placed on my table, but nobody had told me his name or age (he was perhaps 3-4 years old). He was quite clearly disabled physically and almost certainly mentally too. At the end of the treatment, he fell asleep, just as you see him in the photo: he slept for 2 hours in this position of total relaxation.

I had limited experience of osteopathic treatment with disabled children, so I asked Patrick to check the work I’d done. When he asked me what this child’s disability was, I went to see the people from the centre to find out.

In fact, nobody knew this child who had been found 2 days beforehand, abandoned by his family at the town market, without any documents or information. I was told that this often happened in Cambodia, because disabled children were a real burden for families who had nothing.

After this treatment, it took me a few minutes before I was able to take another young patient.

I do hope this child finds a balanced life in the “Enfants d’Asie” centre, and I hope that I have brought him something. In any case, this was one of the encounters that convinced me to join in future docOSTEOcam missions.