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The desire to leave

The desire to leave to discover other things, other horizons, other ways of living, but not as a tourist. To travel while exploiting a passion that inspires me – doing good to others. Feeling that I’m useful with what I can offer. And this is what I have been able to achieve with DOCOSTEOCAM. A close-knit group always ready to get down to work in the rooms of the foster homes and orphanages. Warm, mutual greetings when we arrive. We reorganized the tables at our disposal to create positive energy. We set out the sheets, small cushions and towels which would delicately cover the children’s pelvises. 
A group formed at the entrance to the room. They had been patiently waiting their turn holding their health booklet. Then they split up to head towards us, the therapists, depending on their personal feelings. And so we were away! Down to work! Let’s focus on our hearts. Let their different blocking points connect up with the spark needed for movement to take place and inject a new breath of life into these little beings. And everybody took part: children, teenagers, managers and manageresses of the centres, child-minders, ourselves the practitioners at times, when there was time to chill out… We also noticed that the centres where the children had been treated in March were doing quite well. Less density, greater fluidity in their bodies, in their tissues. A positive and encouraging outcome, and to continue in the same direction. 
A big thank you to Danith for all his organization and the translations, to all the group for this exchange and heart-to-heart sharing. Thank you to the chairman of this association without whom we would never have enjoyed this experience