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Testimony – November 2019

I have come home with a touch of nostalgia but above all with my heart filled with warmth and radiating happiness. I embrace all these beautiful sensations and emotions felt during this journey and pray that they will be indelible, continuing to spread this love, this sharing, this joy, this benevolence and this beauty. It was bigger and stronger than I had hoped to find and I am determined to continue to contribute to this strand of purity both in France in my daily life, as well as in Cambodia during future missions.
I also found a huge family there, with enlightened people conveying values that are dear to me and it is pure joy to be on the same wavelength!
Gratitude to Patrick and the Docosteocam team as well as all the people who contribute to maintaining this beautiful energy, helping hundreds of children and adults, and creating deep and precious bonds of sharing and mutual aid.

PS: On this drawing, all the words are very important to me. I call them “my values”, as they have always been my driving forces and what makes me happy.
For the first time in a long time I have experienced something where absolutely all these values were 100% fulfilled, and for me it is just magic! Thank you to the Cambodians and thank you to the team.