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Stories without words

In these moments between dreams and reality, a fortnight comes to life like fragments of a fantasy.
The warmth of the group mingles with solitude, creating a fragile harmony. 
The country itself becomes a symphony of the senses: vibrant colours, interwoven sounds and scents, enchanting warmth.
At the heart of this experience, osteopathic care becomes a moment of beauty and depth, diving into the evanescent waters of Cambodia, guardians of forgotten stories.
Those moments when my hands seem to read stories without words, lives intertwined with pain and vitality, weaving a subtle link between the tangible and the elusive.
Encounters, meditations at the cusp of night, opening doors to a fleeting spirituality. The serenity of the monk, the wisdom of the Buddha both sketch out revealing, indefinable links.
And among these moments, children emerge. Mirror children, messengers or broken, silent witnesses to this experience. Their gazes carry untold stories, sometimes narrated to my hands, fragments of vulnerable souls, but of unbelievable strength.
Cambodia, with its storytelling smiles and evocative silences, leaves an indelible mark. 
Thanks to the whole team, both here and there, for this experience that transformed us, reshaping us into beings that are a little different, a little changed.
Much more than a simple adventure, it was a plunge into elusive truths, those that touch the soul, uncertain witnesses to a secret narrative, where borders become blurred.