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I will never forget

I will never forget that gesture of gratitude and that deep gaze that struck my heart. 
It was the end of the day in Takeo, an orphanage for children, and which we were leaving in our mini-bus, and through the window I was able to watch the farewell. Moving his arms was already a great effort for him, his smile …

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My very first

osteopathic experience with a humanitarian vocation, a human experience, a profound upheaval. Apprehension, fears and anxieties combined with an unexplained, immense joy… my limited experience as a therapist was loaded with emotion for this first Docostéocam mission. The first day, at the first host centre, all senses alert…and smiles on all the faces when we arrived. The first osteopathic contact …

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Mission impressions

I still remember those looks, first of all surprised, and then worried, then unhappy and closed right up to the emotional liberation, and then the flash, the light in their eyes when they understood the meaning of life. Of course we cannot once and for all hope to settle all their problems, but they have travelled a section of the …

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Impressions in our hands

Using one’s hands to encounter mental landscapes is merely a perceptive technique. But these trips touch the heart and require unfailing generosity. This experience, through its uncertainties and hesitations, forces us to be selfless, and makes us realize that nothing that we hold in our hands is accessible to our ego. From their past, these children have acquired a certain …

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Travel impressions

The sun and the wind cut the air with a dash of dust. Dried balls of grass swept across the streets while mopeds and cars crossed in a noisy and surprisingly fluid disorder. Smells of garbage greeted the stroller whose eyes were caught by the stalls of fruit and vegetable vendors, and products of all kinds. Violence and kindness existed …

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Cambodian experience

Reflections concerning parental projects During our stay in Cambodia in December 2012, the question of parental projects was placed between my hands. In Europe we are all sensitive to this notion and several groups and associations are working on it. Everything must be done so that the child is included in a project without going as far as parental projection …

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