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Mission impressions

I still remember those looks, first of all surprised, and then worried, then unhappy and closed right up to the emotional liberation, and then the flash, the light in their eyes when they understood the meaning of life.

Of course we cannot once and for all hope to settle all their problems, but they have travelled a section of the road with us, the road of life and hope.

As we have shared with you these extraordinary moments, sharing friendship and collegiality, respecting each individual’s convictions and preferences, we have succeeded in finding a new meaning to our approach, and we can but congratulate ourselves for having experienced that.

With regard to orphanages, in my opinion the main satisfaction is Battambang, where everything worked well, with a well-aired room (fortunately, because it was very hot), children who were open, attentive, interactive, warm and expansive, a highly competent and open health officer, interested and helpful with the children, an ever-present nurse, efficient in spite of her pregnancy.
And the morning and evening cycling excursions helped us to empty our minds and bring us back down to earth.
Finally, the enormous benefit of being able to eat on site with all the staff is a brilliant and essential idea because it cements the group and brings us up to the level of those who officiate every day.

In this summary, I would like to express all my gratitude to Dr Sin Sotikun. This dedicated, responsible, virtuous and respectable doctor has devoted heart and soul to her profession and to these children who in fact are her children from a strict point of view.
Her courage and devotion are admirable, and she deserves all our admiration and gratitude for the work she has achieved.

Thank you for all these good times shared with extraordinary friends. They reconcile us with the goodness of human nature.