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I will never forget

I will never forget that gesture of gratitude and that deep gaze that struck my heart. 
It was the end of the day in Takeo, an orphanage for children, and which we were leaving in our mini-bus, and through the window I was able to watch the farewell.
Moving his arms was already a great effort for him, his smile and gaze full of gratitude and love.
I know that from now on he will be waiting for us for his next osteopathic treatment. 

I was fortunate to see Patrick and Louis Pascal work with him, and I saw his metamorphosis before and after the treatment.

I now know that it is possible to change one’s life of disability and give more freedom to this body locked up since birth in a straitjacket.
And from that time on, no more barriers facing seriously paralysed children: quite clearly our treatment has a long-term positive effect and so it’s well worth it!
I often look at this photo and I am filled with soft warmth.