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I remember

I remember that little girl in the Children’s Restaurant

A game of hide-and-seek behind a white canvas
I could just make out a hand and two feet
Suddenly the curtain lifted
The light shone onto her face

We talked with our hands,  
And then with our expressions,
Danith, the interpreter was never far if we needed him for words.

She slowly moved up to the consultation table
Just like a lot of the children we met
Her special story was told through the movement of her tissue
Very humbly, what I wanted was to accompany her towards calm and relaxation,
between this little girl and myself
Sometimes someone from the team would come and join me
And sometimes one of the centre’s caregivers would stand by her side to reassure her.

Osteopathic care is different because it requires us to take a step back from ourselves which is sometimes necessary to bring care adapted to each child we meet.
It needs to adapt to Cambodian culture, the richness of the country but also its history, the sometimes difficult living conditions, the healthcare system and its limits.

In each of the centres a different energy emerges that we learn to perceive,
I remember Soksan, the desire to exchange with the healthcare team, to advise and transmit.

If I could think of one word, it would be Kindness,
In the care that everyone brought to the consultations,
Within the team itself,
Cohesion so that each child could be supported with the best possible presence.

Until the next trip, this mission remains very present in my thoughts and memories of these beautiful encounters.
I look forward to meeting you all again

Anouck Cordonnier