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I finally took the little train

Destination Cambodia, a mission for osteopathy.

A few questions I took with me in my luggage:

– How will I be able to speak with the children?
– Will I manage to do a good job?

– Will my approach be right?
I get carried away.
The first day I was amazed by the smiles and the trust of the children and the “nannies”.

All the fears and the questioning disappeared.
The sessions took place in an atmosphere of sharing.

There were 10 or 11 of us working together.
Group communication set in very quickly. 

The first relief for me was: I am not alone: I am working in harmony with the group.

In fact there was no need for words, just a few gestures and hands to discover the rest. 

The sessions unfolded with great gentleness.
Our eyes met and help arrived if needed. 

Each child was a special case with an individual but also community history.

I felt that I was working on individuals but also on the community, on the present and a lot on the past: liberate, liberate, give the children wings!

The result seems to be good: I watch them leave with a big smile, somewhat in the clouds.
No need for words.

And in fact, who treated whom, in this sharing?

I went back home lighter too, and with a great desire to come back.