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Emotions from the heart

Delivering hope. By participating in this humanitarian mission, I also wanted to contribute to creating a better life: that of the children who are victims of the destiny of a country: Cambodia.
Offering one’s time. Being a benevolent, putting one’s life on hold, to do, just for a few days, a good deed for those who are most deprived, the smallest of beings, the orphans, those forgotten from the scrapyards …

Creating happiness. Changing the daily life of children. Revealing the potential they have in their very depths, rekindling the flame to bring back their strength and confidence, so they can grow in harmony and be happy.
Opening your hands. Changing from hands which are placed, to hands that touch, and hands that feel, then hands that communicate,…much more profound than words or wounds…

Smiling. Shared smiles, welcoming smiles, kind smiles, grateful smiles, knowing smiles of children and therapists, illuminating the faces of us all.
Touching without a sound. Getting closer with “muffled hands” so as not to further disturb or hurt the bruised bodies, the wounded hearts, the lost souls. Remain attentive and wait for the “body time”, an implicit coming together.

Elevating the spirit. Waking up consciences, theirs, ours, yours, to understand the world and continue to move forward together in shared enthusiasm, towards greater serenity.

Offering one’s heart. Treating with love, leaving your ego to one side. Giving space to symbiosis, this close link between the patient and the therapist. Perception is a two-way feeling: when we perceive, we are also perceived. And that’s the time to act with your heart.

Contemplating beauty. It reveals itself once a state of silence and immobility in our deepest self is reached. 
It permeates the whole body, the space all around… It is a source of peace and happiness for those in contact with it.

Appreciating life. Ensure that it diffuses and floods each cell, giving it back its original potential. Connect the embryonic rhythms to draw the energy of Life and diffuse it, make it radiate.
Magnifying existence. For all these years Patrick, step by step, I think you have succeeded not only in embellishing the existence of so many of these children, but also the exercise of our profession. And for all that, I would like to say to you a big THANK YOU!
I will finish with a personal “haiku” (Japanese poem that is very short but leads to reflection):

From the depth of the body…

To the confines of the soul…