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Moments that mark your life

How can we accurately describe what we feel, those moments, those encounters, which leave an everlasting imprint in our heart and our mind?
How can we explain the emotion that overcomes you with each placing of the hand, each treatment, each smile? Those smiles that can hide so much distress, but smiles that restore faith in love, peace, the future, and that change you forever…

A journey that makes you grow, a magical adventure… There are certain moments that overwhelm the heart and mind, and certain encounters that mark you for ever…

The 1st mission I took part in profoundly changed my way of seeing things… The 2nd mission continued along the same lines. An indescribable human experience, a professional enrichment indeed, but also a personal enrichment.

The beauty of Cambodia lies in the beauty of its people, who give us a lesson in humility, generosity and incredible courage at all times.
Day after day, we are confronted with a potpourri of suffering, love, fear and a furious desire to live … Our senses, our sensations under our hands are different here.
We’re here for these children, they matter above all else. Trying to provide them with a little peace, a little interlude shared by therapist and patient, for a moment, far from their lives and ours, where our hands, our bodies, our eyes, our minds mingle without a word. Trying as best we can, with our resources, to relieve the daily physical and other pains, if only for a moment.

Tomorrow we’ll go back to our lives, and they’ll go back to theirs, but I feel and I hope that everything will be different from now on…
14 days of sharing, doubts, joys, and little pleasures… 14 intense days, the unfailing support needed to move forward, and immediate complicity. A big thank you to these incredible teams.

It is through meeting others that are lives are enriched. It is in this way that, in depth, we can see our hearts transformed, our judgements converted and a new art of living and thinking created.

(Sœur Emmanuelle)

Thank you to Patrick for what he is building day after day; thank you for making all this possible.