July 2017

Summary of the activity report

1 - Osteopathic sessions carried out in partnership with the Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh

  • One day’s training (7 hours): pelvic osteopathy (sacrum and sacroiliac joints) – session 2 for the March group,
  • Three half days (9 hours): general introduction to osteopathy, and definitions –
osteopathic diagnoses – new group to harmonize with the 1st so that classes can be held together.

2 - Setting up of the office and clinic

  • First day of treatment offered to children already seen before,
with a serious pathology and requiring several treatments per year,
  • 50 consultations and processing carried out in the context of the activity of the clinic – with the presence of students on internships – income
generated by these consultations was exclusively intended for the operation of
the local NGO.